Myanmar: ‘300 Rohingyas kidnapped 100 Hindus, butcher 92 of them and convert the women’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘300 Rohingyas kidnapped 100 Hindus, killed 92 of them on August 25’ Updated: Sep 25, 2017 | 21:09 IST | Source – Times Now Digital [See the video here] New Delhi: In a stunning disclosure, it has been revealed that 300 Rohingyas abducted 100 Hindus on August 25 and eliminated 92 of them. Eight … Continue reading

Norwegians now ‘experiencing the same fear as Israelis’ says minister

She is 100% right. It’s appalling for John Oliver to ridicule the Norweigian minister for simply stating a fact. Hollywood and the media industry – the most discriminatory and gender biased of any industry – has become more absurd by the week in their aggressive efforts to use reversed psychology on anyone who may offer … Continue reading

UK: Muslim host-family arrested after neighbours hear screams and smell body burning of French nanny

Father of ‘murdered’ French nanny, 21, whose burned body was found at £1m home reveals she ‘had problems with the family she worked for’ Sophie Lionnet’s charred body was found at a home in south west London Sabrina Kouider and Ouissem Medouni, 40, have been charged with her murder Ms Lionnet’s father has revealed ‘tensions’ … Continue reading

UK: Muslim hate preacher encouraged children as young as THREE to ‘kill and be killed for Allah’

British hate preacher who encouraged children as young as THREE to ‘kill and be killed for Allah’ as he stood in front of an ISIS flag is jailed for six-and-a-half years Kamran Sabir Hussain, 40, from Stoke-on-Trent, delivered his lecturers from a lecturn in front of a black ISIS flag, to a congregation that included … Continue reading

Germany: Muslim asylum seeker calls rape victim a ‘prostitute’ and the defense ‘filth’

Whether he is actually from Ghana can be questioned since most of these asylum seekers enter with false documents. But what is very clear is that he is expressing Islamic ideology – Sharia, to be exact. This is fully normal attitude to rape victims under Islamic law. It’s not illegal. Therefore the infidel is “filthy” … Continue reading

UK: Muslim Pharmacist ‘told two primary school pupils to behead all non-Muslims’

Pharmacist ‘told two primary school pupils to behead all non-Muslims while teaching them to throw butter knives and practice shooting with Nerf guns’ Pharmacist Zameer Ghumra is accused of trying to brainwash two young boys Nottingham Crown Court heard Ghumra ran a small madrassa at his home  He is accused of encouraging people to visit … Continue reading

Pakistani brother is proud of honor killing: ‘I’m not embarrassed. Of course I strangled her’

  ‘I’m not embarrassed. Of course I strangled her’: Arrested brother of ‘Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian’ admits he killed her because she refused to stop posting provocative photographs on Facebook Qandeel Baloch, 26, was found dead near city of Multan on Friday night  She rose to fame for posting controversially raunchy videos and photos  Brother Waseem … Continue reading

Meet Canada’s Saudi-born political adviser shaping Trudeau’s foreign policy

This left-winger is completely mental. How can Canadians elect this buffoon? He’s addad a Wahhabi offspring as an “advisor” in his own government! And before you know it, there are already arms-deals with Saudi Barbaria. . . Meet Canada’s Saudi-born political adviser shaping Trudeau’s foreign policy   Omar Alghabra bats off criticism over Ottawa’s huge … Continue reading

Hezbollah has positioned over 120,000+ missiles in Lebanon pointing at Israel

This is the reason Iran was so eager to “help” Syria’s president Assad. Now they are basically ocucpying Lebanon, a former Christian nation – the only one left in the entire Middle East – which was ruined by the Palestinian occupation in 1973. Since then the country is covered in Muslims. Muslims in political positions … Continue reading

French Riviera is branded a ‘jihadist breeding ground’ by political violence expert

If you fill your house with pigs, don’t complain when it turns into a swine house. . . How the French Riviera became a hotspot for the jihadists: SUE REID reveals some immigrants are trying to replace European democracy with their own Islamic rules French Riviera is favourite of holidaying Britons and hosted upper classes But … Continue reading

British government refuses to rule out re-electing Saudi Arabia to UN human rights council

  Exclusive: The autocratic petro-state could once again chair the influential panel Jon Stone, The Independent July 16, 2016 @joncstone Former UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair in May this year Ministers have refused to rule out re-electing Saudi Arabia to chair the United Nations’ human rights council for a second … Continue reading

Canada: Three Muslim stabbings of random people within 30-hours in Ottawa

This is the third Muslim stabbing of infidels in Ottawa in less than 30-hours. Six people were injured in two separate stabbings in the ByWard Market over the weekend. But police ‘can’t understand’ why the Muslims stabbed these random people. The media is no more enlightened. Things probably ‘became heated’ because the partygoers unknowingly entered … Continue reading

Marine Le Pen calls for resignation of Interior Minister: ‘In other country, 250 dead from terrorism over 18 months would get you the sack’

France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen leads calls for the Interior Minister to resign after massacre in Nice French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve faces calls for his resignation National Front Party says terror death toll demands accountability Terrorism death toll climbs to 250 dead from three attacks in 18 months  At least 10 children and … Continue reading

UAE: Baby ends in coma after being tortured – Muslim father blames ‘maid’

Maid should spell ‘family member’ since that is most likely the responsible person for the fractured skull, internal bleeding and injuries on this little nine-month-old girl, who carries signs of past abuse. You have to start early to abuse the women so they fall in line. She probably cried too much hearing the voice of … Continue reading