ISIS defector: Migrant ‘sleeper cells are ready’ to attack across Europe

‘Sleeper cells are ready’: ISIS defector warns UK faces MORE terror attacks from jihadi migrants in Europe who are waiting for their strike order from Syria Former ISIS commander reveals jihadists are recruited around the world online Recruits are send documents, video and propaganda and told to await orders When they are told to do … Continue reading

New York: Muslim hails cab and leaves female passenger to burn to death in car

Driver leaves passenger to die in blazing car on Brooklyn Queens-Expressway BY Molly Crane-newman, Ellen Moynihan, Thomas Tracy NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, October 13, 2017, 2:36 PM   A heartless motorist left his 25-year-old passenger to die after he crashed on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and his car burst into flames, police sources said. Saeed … Continue reading

UK Muslim “Exorcist”: ‘We Must Hate Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, and Hannukah’

Readers can watch the video here. . . TRANSCRIPT: Birmingham-Based Islamic “Exorcist” Abu Ibraheem Husnayn: We Must Hate Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, and Hannukah Islamic “exorcist” Abu Ibraheem Husnayn, who is based in Birmingham, UK, said that Muslims “have to hate” the likes of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Diwali, and Hannukah, because they are “hated … Continue reading

Chinese hotel is fined £1,700 for accepting Muslim guests during political Congress

Hotel in China is fined £1,700 for accepting Muslim guests after authorities banned the ethnic minority from staying in the area ahead of Communist Party congress Chinese authorities fined hotel for breaking a ban on welcoming Uyghur guests Security is tightened before Communist Party’s five-yearly congress starts The move is aimed at combating attacks by … Continue reading

UK: Muslim wife quarreled with terror plotting husband over who is the biggest Jihadist

Heavily pregnant wife, 21, ‘bought her wannabe terrorist husband a hunting knife and training dummy to prepare him for an attack as the couple argued over who was the biggest jihadist’ Madihah Taheer allegedly spent hundreds to help husband plan deadly attack Her husband Ummariyat Mirza, 21, admitted preparing to commit terrorist acts  Taheer, 21, … Continue reading

UK: Muslim rapist refuse to talk to female police on arrest, ‘In my country we speak to men’

Man, 21, ‘claimed to be Saddam Hussein after raping one woman on a riverbank and telling a second ‘Allah’s going to get you’ Abdel-Aziz Al-Shamary, 21, is accused of raping a woman in Darlington in May Before arrest he allegedly grabbed another woman and said ‘Allah will get you’  When arrested he said ‘I am … Continue reading

Rape and slavery was lure for UK Isis recruits with history of sexual violence, study shows

TMI has said the same for a long time. People who are attracted to Islam are looking for kindred spirits in misogyny, murders, incest, crime and violence. . . Rapists and wife-beaters flocked to join ISIS because the group’s systemised sexual violence appealed to them, study shows ISIS used sexual abuse as a way of … Continue reading

Petrol bomb is found in Paris belonging to cement firm that is involved in constructing Trump’s Mexican wall

  Petrol bomb is discovered in Paris under trucks belonging to cement firm that ‘funded ISIS’ and is involved in constructing Trump’s Mexican wall Device found this morning in a northeastern neighbourhood of French capital Petrol cans were attached to a ‘crude detonator’ underneath several lorries Device was found on  truck belonging to Franco-Swiss cement … Continue reading

Saudi woman conveniently dies in crash ‘while learning to drive’ before the country lifts its ban on female drivers

  Sounds completely staged. Someone appears to be trying to block the lifting of the ban from happening. . . Saudi woman is killed when she crashes into a concrete block while learning to drive before the country lifts its ban on female drivers Woman died during a driving lesson in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia She … Continue reading

US Cleric: “Goal of Jihad Is to Implement Sharia – Non Muslims Should Convert to Gain Rights”

Sheikh Suleiman Anwar Bengharsa, head of the Islamic Jurisprudence Center in Clarksburg, Maryland, gave a lecture in Toronto, Canada in 2010, in which he said that Muslims could only live in the land of the infidels under certain circumstances, one of which was to do da’wa. “When the caliphate is established, you need to pack … Continue reading

Liberal Media is Desperate to Deny Antifa #VegasShooter is One of Their Own

The plot thickens. Stephen Paddock has been caught on video with this girlfriend Marilou Danley at an anti-Trump rally. It’s not going down well in Hollywood and the pro-Clinton, pro-Obama, and pro-Sanders media. YouTube and Facebook has been quick to delete all video clips arguing that it’s #fakenews. The video shows “what appears to be” … Continue reading

#LasVegasShooting: Liberal and Trump-hater Stephen Paddock Sent Thousand$ to Philippines Before Massacre

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was a Trump-hating liberal. Pussyhat and all. . . Massive Sums of Money to Philippines Before Massacre The Political Insider By Matt | October 3, 2017 4:37PM The more information that comes in regarding Sunday night’s massacre in Las Vegas, the more confusing everything becomes. Despite ISIS claiming responsibility for the … Continue reading